The Next Workshop Begins on Monday, November 18th.

The Next Workshop Begins on Monday, November 18th.

The Next Workshop Begins on Monday, November 18th.

Parent With Confidence

A Workshop To Help You
Build A Better Relationship With Your Kids

Respond Calmly
To Your Kids

Happier Life With
Your Kids

Get Your Kids To

Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy?

  • Do you struggle with how you react to your kids?
  • Feeling lost in all the parenting advice out there?
  • Do you keep losing your cool?
  • Do you wonder if you are doing a good job?
  • Tired of your kids behaviors?
  • Do you ever feel like just wanting to give up?

"I honestly gained so much from the workshop."

Being A Parent Should Actually Be The Joy Of Your Life Not Just A Fantasy

Feel Calmer

Knowing what to do in each moment helps you react more calmly to your kids

Clarity In Parenting

Learn how to parent better from a structured course

Join Other Moms

Grow and learn from other moms in a private and supportive group

Parenting Shouldn't Be So Overwhelming

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3. Start Parenting With Confidence


"Having the chance to talk to other [parents] with some similar experiences was great. But even more, was having Liba guiding us to be more present.”


“Liba teaches you techniques to get in touch with yourself, and your reactions so that you can be better equipped to handle the challenges of parenting.”

"I first contacted Liba because I was feeling very overwhelmed with the demands of life raising four boys, some of whom have special needs. Liba created a safe and nurturing space that made it possible for me to identify and better understand what was behind my day to day struggles in all areas of my life, including life with kids. Now I feel more self-assured and able to face the day to day challenges of life better." Dina

As a psychologist and a mom of 4 kids, I understand how overwhelming being a parent can be. I understand how it feels to not know what to do.

That's why I created a workshop that will give you the tools you need to handle the day to day challenges in life with kids.

When you join the workshop you will get the individual and group support you'll need to feel calmer, more confident and enjoy raising kind and content kids.

What's Included In The Workshop

  • 3 Months of Support
  • Learn To Catch Yourself Before You Lose It
  • Learn To Discipline Effectively
  • Create & Follow Your Parenting Vision
  • Twelve 90 Minute Meetings
  • Learn To Get Your Kids To Cooperate
  • Become Calm & Centered
  • Make Better Day To Day Decisions With Your Kids
  • Practical/Research Based Tools
  • Build Relationships That Last
  • Between Session Support in a Private Whatsapp Group
  • Set Boundaries That Work

Have More Questions?

If you aren't sure whether it is right for you, and to ease any concerns. Feel free to schedule a call